About Us

We want to democratise AI, complement investing techniques, and bring

new ways of thinking to buy-and-hold investors.


Clément Daubrenet

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Clément holds two master's degrees in Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering. He spent 8 years building and validating advanced numerical models for the automotive, aerospace and telecommunication industries before starting his own London-based consulting company. After successful investments on the stock market based on custom Machine Learning models, he decided to launch Stockomatics to empower investors through AI-based solutions.

Chloë Diamond

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Chloë has spent the last five years as a remote tech and media specialist, focusing on digital content marketing for emerging tech companies around the world. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in History of Art and Curating from Birkbeck, University of London, and takes a multidisciplinary approach to her work. Chloë joined Stockomatics in early 2020, eager to support the democratisation of AI and data by bringing wider audiences to the space. 

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