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What do we do ?

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We connect to a myriad of disruptive financial products and APIs available online to provide you with the best tips to generate wealth.

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We analyse financial assets using a data-driven approach that combines fundamental analysis and more pragmatic views.

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We share our analysis with you in a newsletter. You’ll receive regular personal finance reports to build a robust portfolio of assets.

Our Values


We don’t trust technical analysts
and short-term fortune-tellers. 
We like to analyse assets on 5 years for "buy-and-hold" investors.


We think that truly incredible investments will beat the market whatever the geopolitical noise and media opinions. 


We believe that products, offers and assets should be studied with a data-driven approach to make sense for investors. 


Our Latest Content

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Markets Interpolation Maps

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Neural Networks Trained on Financial Ratios

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Diversification Clusters

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Learning Trees Evaluating Impact on Performance

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             Metcalfe's Law For Network-Driven Assets

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Stock-to-Flow Ratio For Limited Supply Assets

                Pearson Correlation Matrices

    Netflix-Prize Model for Portfolio Generation 

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