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What do we do ?

Collect Data

We parse hundreds of thousands of financial statements available online to teach machines what a great long-term company is.

Analyse Stocks

We study companies using a data-driven approach that combines fundamental principles and AI algorithms to discover hidden hints.

Share Reports

We share our analysis with you in a newsletter. You’ll receive regular reports and machine learning insights to build a robust portfolio.

Our Values


We don’t trust technical analysts

and short-term fortune-tellers. 

We like to analyse data on 5-10 years for "buy-and-hold" investors.


We think that truly incredible companies will beat the market whatever the geopolitical noise.

Donald Trump can tweet.


We believe that machine learning and AI algorithms will help individual investors to discover new greenfield territories.


Our Numbers

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Our Tools

Markets Interpolation Maps

Neural Networks Trained on Financial Ratios

Diversification Clusters

Learning Trees Evaluating Impact on Performance

Our Partners


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